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Mysterious Bloggerina (Blog Post #4)

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Just blame it on the weather
Coming from California where the weather is always beautiful and sunny, I never thought twice about how much it can affect your mood. I think it was my second or third winter in Germany that someone told me about Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). I remember thinking, „Oh my god! That’s a thing? That explains everything!“ So ever since then I decided to blame all of my white girl problems on the weather. „The weather makes me tired“. It’s not because I went out partying this weekend that I’m exhausted. No, it’s the rain. „It’s too cold to work, my feet are frozen and my muscles aren’t getting warm today“. It has nothing to do with the fact that I overslept and missed class this morning, it’s the snows fault. „I wanted to go for a jog today, but then it started raining“. Oh well, I guess I’ll make some pancakes instead. „The rain is making my hair frizzy!“ I should just go back to bed, my day is ruined.
Not only do I blame the weather for my problems in winter, but summer can also be a bitch! „The heat makes my feet swollen which makes it impossible to squeeze them into pointe shoes“. Im-poss-ible. „I’ve had a headache for the entire class, it must be from the heat. I’m obviously dehydrated“. I’m obviously dehydrated, yet too lazy to go to the canteen to buy a bottle of water. „I’m not fat, I’m just really swollen today because of the weather“. It has nothing to do with the pizza and bottle of wine I had last night. „It’s too sunny today, it’s making the studios unbearably hot“. Life can be so hard sometimes. „It sucks that there’s nice weather today, because I kind of feel like staying home and watching a movie. But now I have to go out and make the most of it“. I think I’ve actually said something along those lines.
Another thing I blame the weather for is my eye color. Once someone asked me what color my eyes were and I said that they change colors depending on the weather. If its grey and raining they’re usually blue but if it’s sunny and warm they’re green. Is that even physically possible?! I think I just made it up and kept telling people that that’s what happens and eventually I started to genuinely believe it! It wasn’t until someone pointed out to me that I blame a lot of shit on the weather that I realized, I guess I’m just really lazy. Which I also blame on the weather.



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