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Hyo-Jung Kang und Evan McKie in Onegin, Seoul

Hyo-Jung Kang und Evan McKie in Onegin, Seoul, Foto: dancekorea

Hi Stuttgart family,

I’ve been here in Seoul for close to two weeks performing Onegin with The Universal Ballet. I’m really happy that Hyo-Jung Kang is here with me and had debut in the incredible role of Tatiana!

This is, afterall, Hyo-Jungs native country, which makes it extra special for her.
When the curtain fell after our first performance I was so proud that we made it together and trusted each other in a much deeper more intimate way than our sparkly Prince and Princess relationship from The Sleeping Beauty a few years ago.

Last night we had our second show which gave us freedom to take some new risks, and the audience appeared to be moved in a way that only a ballet like Onegin can provoke them to be. Lots of Stuttgart Ballet fans from Korea and Japan came to talk to us after both shows and there was no shortage of little girls that wanted to be just like Hyo. In a restaurant after the second show one guy yelled out at me in Korean: “That Onegin is one cruel guy“…

Now I am rehearsing Onegin with another ballerina for upcoming performances and she is the complete opposite of Hyo-Jung, which makes it very interesting. I am excited to see how the next performances go!

I believe that this ballet is like a roller coaster: One knows how the mechanics work before one gets on, but when the curtain rises (or the roller coaster starts to gradually ascend) one is in for some incredible thrills. When it’s over, your stomach is tight and you’re moved and shaken, but the the first thing you want to do is to do it again!

I guess you know exactly what I mean :)
See you back in Stuttgart for Aktion Weihnachten!




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